An Invitation to Teach Me Something

LCC Alumni Stories with Dr. Steve RobinsonAs October draws to a close, I want to thank all the faculty and staff in our campus community for welcoming me to LCC. My first three months here have been incredibly rewarding, and I am so appreciative to everyone who has reached out to connect. Due to the pandemic, my face-to-face interactions have been limited, but I have enjoyed my time on WebEx, MS Teams, and Zoom with so many campus and community members. Thank you.

With the help of Layne Ingram and the talented team in Media Services, my office has launched a pair of podcasts. The first is LCC Alumni Stories. If you know of interested alumni who might want to talk about their LCC experience with me on the podcast, please direct them to the web page we have set up for this project. I have really enjoyed these conversations, and I look forward to many more of them.

We have also re-launched a podcast I started at my previous college. It’s called Teachable Moment, and the idea is pretty simple. A member of our campus community joins me on the podcast and teaches me a key concept or idea from their area of expertise. My two favorite things are learning and conversation, and Teachable Moment joins those activities into a fun 20-30 minutes of programming. An ideal subject for a “teachable moment” would be a foundational principle in your discipline, or a useful idea or theory with applications to other aspects of life. This podcast also has a web form to help us with production and scheduling.

Teachable Moment - Hosted by Dr. Steve RobinsonDuring COVID, I have been searching for creative ways to connect with our amazing faculty and staff. As always, I am happy to “pop in” on your department or team meetings by invitation, or feel free to just reach out to me. You can also follow me on social media. My Twitter account is filled with positive national stories and pressing issues facing community colleges; I also work hard to promote LCC accomplishments and events. On Instagram, I provide a lighthearted visual representation of my day-to-day life as I return to the Lansing area.

Please continue to stay safe as we move through Halloween and Election Day. These are trying times, and I am exceedingly proud of all that you do for our students and community under these circumstances.